John Dirgo Deweese

Ocean Shores

Windermere Real Estate Ocean Shores

PO Box 1568, 837 Pt. Brown Ave NW

Ocean Shores, WA 98569

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Early Life

I could do this as a resume-style document but that would bore anyone looking at is as much as it would bore me to write it. 

I was born into a real estate family, with a mother that was a real estate broker (with her own company, in Colorado, in the 1970s).  It was a small one- or two-person shop but the mere fact that she did that, at that time, was ground-breaking.  My father was a mortgage banker.  Real estate was what surrounded me from an early age.

Running Away

So, of course, I ran far away from it.

I took a 20-year detour into the technology field - from teaching myself programming at 14, to designing computer networks for the Army Space and Strategic Defense Command, to telecommunications software to being the geek-in-charge for several hospital systems.

But real estate never really left me even though I tried to leave it.  I bought and sold houses, rehabbed properties, had rental properties and bought tax liens throughout the whole time. 

Going Pro (and Staying That Way)

In 2004, at the advice of a real estate broker I knew, I got a license and began working professionally in the real estate field.  A few years later, I got my broker's license, started a brokerage in Hawaii and I haven't looked back since.

If I write out all those acronyms that show specialized training and education I have taken, its a long list (GRI, CRB, ABR, ePRO, AHWD, etc., etc., etc.).  Oh and there's an MBA in there too.  One thing I have learned in all of that is that those letters after my name mean nothing to my clients.  They don't care and they shouldn't.  What everyone needs to know is that I am always getting new training and education to be better than ever.  The goal is to have the knowledge to help my clients in the best ways possible, and not to collect a series of TLAs (three-letter acronyms) after my name.